Crooked Monday

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i. don’t let an artist fall in love 
with you if you can’t bear the shape
of your own mouth or the lines and 
curves of your body or if you cant
stand to have foggy moments translated into
some short lasting form of sense 

they will take all the beautiful
(and broken) pieces of you and
make you into something only they
can understand

ii. don’t fall in love with an artist
unless you’re a blank canvas because
they will paint upon the dark spots and
write in the empty spaces of you even without
meaning to because their hands are dirty
with paint smears and ink blots and wishful

but they will not 
posses you so much as you
will come to posses them

'Artists and love and some form of forever' -  Deviant Artist Winkie77


There are stretches of dryness where I haven’t been praying, reading His words, reflecting on Him, singing to Him, really engaged, really in tune. He slips in increments, like purple light beneath the coast, like a voice from a lumbering train. And it’s then I miss Him, a…